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Computer Account Course

Computer Account Course, Computer Accountant Course, Computer Accounting Courses, Computer Accountant

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ICA offers computer accountant courses, company accountant courses in Chennai, company accounting course, part time computer accounting course, computer accounting course, accounting courses.

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Paper 1: Corporate Accounts
Paper 2: Tax Practice and Procedure
Paper 3: Financial Accounting Software
Paper 4: Company Law and Statutory Legislation

Computer Account Course, Computer Accountant Course, Computer Accounting Courses, Computer Accountant, Commpany Accountant Courses in Chennai

Course structure:
Accounting principles, rules, preparation of day to day transactions, preparation of all type of books of accounts, BRS, different type of Adjustment, preparation of final accounts under schedule VI followed by accounting standard, Preparation of Cash Flow, Payroll and Form 16 computations, preparation of Gst accounting with payment procedure.

Personal Balance Sheet, Manufacturing & Stock Accounts / Cost Sheet Preparation, Back Calculation and Ratio Analysis etc.

Banking & Finance: Concepts and Rules, System, Transactions (RTGS/NEFT), Deposit, Debit / Credit Card Transaction, Term Loan, Over Draft, Cash credit, Interest Calculation, Project report, procurement of loan.

Audit: Concept of Audit—Multi dimensional aspect, Procedure, Verification, concept of standard & assurance, Tax Audit under Companies Act 1956, Interaction with Auditor in real life situation.

Income Tax: Computation of Total Income (Corporate & Individual), Advance Tax, TDS, Assessment procedure, E-filing, E--TDS, MAT, Different type of forms, Challans, Returns, Filing procedures etc.

Tax Planning: Adjustment, Refund procedure, TDS certificate, Tax Planning tools, Exemptions/ Deductions, Reliefs, Tax Management, etc.

Gst & CST: Basic Concept, Registration procedure, Computation, Different types of Forms, Challans, Returns, Gst Adjustment, Gst Audit, etc.

Service Tax: Registration, Returns, e- filing, Challans, Payment Procedure.

Professional Tax: Basic Concept, Statutory requirements, All forms, All Challans and Payment procedure.

PF, ESI:Basic Concept and Statutory requirements, Payment and Assessment procedure, elaborate work with all forms, Challans and Return Submission, E- filing, Bonus, Gratuity etc.
PAPER – 3:
Financial Accounting Software Complete Project Work on TALLY- ERP and MIS. Industry –wise Accounting

Company Incorporation, Share Capital, Board of Directors, Resolutions, Memorandum of Articles and Association, Different types of Meeting, ROC Matter, Minutes, how to maintain various statutory books

Computer Account Course, Computer Accountant Course, Computer Accounting Courses, Computer Accountant, Company Accountant Courses in Chennai

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